Kenya Airways: Company Profile


Kenya Airways traces its history back to 1946 with the formation of the East African Airways Corporation ("EAA").  Initially, EAA had a good reputation for service and reliability.  With the formation of the East African Community, EAA passed into the joint ownership of the governments of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  Shortly after the collapse of the East African Community in 1976, EAA was placed in liquidation.  Kenya Airways was incorporated in January 1977 as a company wholly owned by the Kenyan government.  It was established as the national flag carrier of Kenya and acquired certain of the assets and staff of EAA.

Domestic Network

Kenya Airways is the leading operator on domestic routes.  Kenya Airways operates 67 flights a week to four domestic destinations: Mombassa, Malindi, Kisumu, and Nairobi.  The most important of its domestic routes is Nairobi-Mombasa, on which Kenya Airways operates 56 flights a week.

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International Network

Kenya Airways operates scheduled passenger service and cargo services to 24 international destinations with 45 flights a week.  Kenya Airways serves 7 destinations in Europe;  11 in sub-Saharan Africa; and 6 in North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  Kenya Airways, as the national airline of Kenya, has rights under existing bi-laterial agreements to operate flights to a total of 58 countries.

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Fleet Structure
As of March, 1996, Kenya Airways employed the following aircraft:

Aircraft Type  seats per plane  # owned # leased  total # of planes
Airbus A310-300 203 2 1 3
Boeing 737-200 102 0 2 2
Fokker 50 54 3 0 3
All types 5 3 8
Sales & Marketing

In the year to 31, March 1995, Kenya Airways carried 835,000 passengers and 13,500 tonnes of freight.  Kenya Airways has its own international sales offices in 22 countries, of which the London office is the largest.  Kenya Airways retains 24 General Sales Agents in 18 countries where it does not have its own sales offices.  In Kenya, Kenya Airways has appointed 97 travel agents and 26 cargo agents.  Kenya Airways is connected to a variety of sophisticated airline communication and information systems.

Engineering & Maintenance

Kenya Airways is capable of carrying out all scheduled maintenance checks on all its current aircraft types.  Kenya Airways maintains extensive workshop facilities for the overhaul and repair of mechanical, electrical and avionics aircraft components, including a module facility for handling large fan engines.  Some component repairs and maintenance are contracted out to qualified vendors, mostly airlines, in various European countries.

Kenya Airways' maintenance facilities consist of a hangar at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport capable of taking one wide-bodies or two narrow-bodied aircraft at the same time, together with supporting facilities and equipment.  Kenya Airways also has certain storage and other engineering facilities available in London and othe European cities.

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