Hi! This page is still under construction, so please don't get angry if some of the links don't work.  People here in DC (that's where I live) get angry easily.  That's a problem when they're driving because then they try to crash into each other and a lot of people get hurt.  DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

I live in an apartment by myself, and I don't have any dogs or cats, so I can't post their pictures.  But I do have three brothers, and one is a world-famous mountain-climber!  I spend a lot of time on my computer. It's fun!  But I wish I had a girlfriend. :))  Write to me if you're interested.

One of my hobbies is traveling.  I've been to the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria (just a train station), Russia (including Siberia!), Kenya, Venezuala, and Mexico (also to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls).  My favorite place so far is KENYA.  The food there is great, the weather is wonderful, and the people are very polite.  And the average person on the street is dressed much better than the average person on the street in the U.S.  Don't let what you see on TV mislead you.

I also like biking.(see me racing for Laterne Rouge; I'm smiling because I'm leading the race after the first mile. That's a long story...)   I've got a Schwinn Peloton with Shimano Ultegra gear (Dura-Ace rear derailleur!) and Mavic 23 wheels.  I used to use Tri-Flow lube, but I've switched to Pedros Ice Wax, which I highly recommend.  Pedros Bio Degreaser is also good and environmentally sound.

A great thing about the Web, IMHO, is that everyone can post his or her own poetry.  You don't have to have an academic post or even teach creative writing to be a poet on the Web.  I've got a regular job and I like it, most of the time. :))  I'm an economist, which is not the same as an accountant.  I don't tend to like lawyers, because they are always making arguments.  But I try my best to get along with lawyers, because all my bosses are lawyers. (If you are a lawyer please don't flame me or send a John Doe subpoena).   Here's one of my poems [to hear me read it, you need to download Real Audio player 5.0, install it, then download Windows Media player, and install it.You'll need 300 MB of free disk space, 20 MB of RAM, and lunch to do this.   If you have Windows NT, uninstall the Real Audio player.  If you're on a Mac, it will probably work without having to install or uninstall anything. Mac's rule!]

Dialog in Government

We must write a law
to address the case
of a cow flying without
a taillight in the early hours
of the night.

But there are no cows here,
only milk and steaks.
That’s not the same
as a cow.

We need to set a time
to start the night, in
each zone a time its own,
and there appears to be reason
to index by the season.

There are no cows here,
not in the dark, not in the
light, none.

Clearly cows
in the sky at night
can’t be seen when in flight.
Planes must have lights.
Cows should not have
any special rights.

There are no cows here.
And if there were,
they wouldn’t be able to fly.

We need not entertain
conjectures or complaints.
Is there any reason
why law should not apply
to every conceivable body
in the sky?

Thanks for visiting my home page.  Come back as often as you like.  I'll be updating it regularly, except when I'm too busy, because I have a day job too! :))).